There’s no doubt — our future has to be powered by clean, renewable energy.

There’s good ways we can do this, and there’s bad ways we can do this. Do we pick bad projects like Site C that waste public money, ignore the fundamentals of supply and demand, and are imposed on local communities against their will? Or, do we invest in local communities and clean energy opportunities that make economic sense?

We have a tremendous opportunity here in British Columbia. We can lead the world when it comes to clean and renewable energy. With very little effort, British Columbia could have 100% of it’s electricity needs provided through renewable and clean energy if we invest in the right projects. To do that, we have to make choices. We have to have a vision for how to get there.

Join me, and together we can make BC a clean energy leader.

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Sign the petition: It's time for a National Clean Energy Strategy
It's time for a National Clean Energy Strategy
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